Preventing Voter Fraud?

By:  Arnie Olsen  March 28, 2019

If the people in power were truly concerned about illegal voting, and believe photo ID is the solution, wouldn’t it be more convincing if they showed actual evidence that this is really a problem in the first place?

More importantly, even if they show this is a real problem, how does showing a photo ID prevent it?

The following is what is required to obtain a photo ID at the DMV:

  • Documentation showing the person’s date of birth.
  • Proof of the person’s social security account number or verification that the person is not eligible for a social security account number.
  • Documentation showing the person’s name and address of principal residence.

So, if no photo ID is required to obtain a photo ID, how does showing a photo ID at the polling place make the process more secure?

The other thing to consider is the documented fact that a wide range of pretty trivial things lead to lower voter turnout, including stuff like bad weather, traffic, not feeling well that day, a hectic schedule, a long line or inconvenient location for the polling place, among others.

Logically, if you add all the extra steps of being required to obtain a photo ID, at a different location, that may or may not be served by public transportation, or even open at times you are not required to be at work, for a fee, on a different date sometime before the election, doesn’t it also stand to reason that this would decrease voter turnout by an even greater amount?

So, when you put all of this together…

  • There is a “reported” problem that even the people screaming the loudest about, have totally neglected to provide evidence of.
  • That the proposed solution to the “problem” no one has shown any evidence of existing doesn’t actually do anything to solve the problem (not needing a photo ID to obtain a photo ID, rather just the same kinds of documents you have ALWAYS needed to register to vote in the first place).
  • That any inconvenience to voters means fewer of them will vote.

How do you come away thinking that all of the Voter ID laws being pushed have anything to do with election security and are not simply an attempt to make it harder to vote and thereby decrease voter turnout?

Now, if you want to dig a little deeper into this subject, there are a few other things that you should consider:

  • Lower voter turnout has historically favored one party over the other.
  • Additional obstacles to anything, especially those that require time, money and transportation, historically impact lower income and minorities to a greater extent than others.
  • This issue is only being pushed hard by one side, in spite of major resistance from a wide range of people and groups, so there must be some sort of perceived benefit to their side (coincidentally, the same side that historically benefits from lower voter turnout).

What does all of this add up to?

Answer:  A political con job being pulled on the people of this country, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, if you want to stick to the belief there is a real problem of people voting illegally (in spite of not being able to find any evidence), let’s talk about some solutions.

To begin with, I think we (the general public) would agree that the more people who vote legally, the better.  I say that because regardless of which side you are on these days, you hold a pretty strong belief that you are in agreement with the majority of America (whether that belief is right or wrong, you do believe it).  So, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you SHOULD want the following:

  • A more secure system that prevents illegal voting.
  • To make voting as easy as possible to get the highest possible voter turnout.
  • To make sure that no legal voters are prevented from voting because this is a democracy after all, and that does require participation and all of us to get our say.

So, here are a few things that would achieve those goals (just a few examples):

  • Develop an automatic national voter registration database using all the information the government already has, such as date of birth, social security number, full legal name, etc., and then mark people as eligible to vote on their 18th This would eliminate all of the voter registration games that are actually documented throughout different parts of the country (unlike the massive illegal voting claim).
  • Clarify to voters exactly what is required to vote, and establish consistent practices for all jurisdictions.
  • Prohibit interference with individuals registering to vote.
  • Ban purging voter rolls simply on the basis of someone not having voted in the most recent few election cycles and not returning a card that says they are still alive.

Interestingly, all of these items and many more were included in H.R. 1 that was recently passed in the House of Representatives, 234 – 193.  Interestingly, that was in fact 234 Democrat votes for the bill, and 193 Republican votes against it.  Mitch McConnell, however, refuses to even hold a vote in the Senate.

People will draw their own conclusions, however, it sure does seem like there is one party trying to actually do something to make our elections better by both increasing voter turnout AND taking actual steps to eliminate the possibility of illegal voting.  As the record shows, however, there are at least 193 Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen opposed to this, and certainly one Republican in the Senate, none other than Mitch McConnell.  Things that SHOULD make you go “hmmmm”.

One thought on “Preventing Voter Fraud?”

  1. To have a full and complete democracy registering the will of the people, 100% of the eligible electorate would vote. That should be our ideal. The extent to which we accept the notion that democracy is a good thing, one person should have one vote, and majority rules, maximum participation ought to be encouraged. Each non-voting citizen diminishes our democracy ever so slightly. Of course, because winning is everything for some, voter suppression, gerrymandering and other clever ways are used to subvert the will of the people. Voter fraud truly is just a pretext to prevent some from voting. Thanks Arnie.


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