inDEPENDENTcy was created as a home to information and thought related to the political and business world each of us lives in, operates in and are affected by each day.  Although, at times, simply presenting the facts surrounding a particular situation, it may appear we have a political agenda, however, unlike most websites, blogs and even cable news shows, that is not our intent.  While we will share opinions, we recognize that an opinion is just that, it should never be confused with fact, and to quote one of the inspirations for inDEPENDENTcy, we will not “yuck your yum” when it comes to views that may differ from ours.  Truly, our only “agenda” is to provide actual, truthful information related to the subject matter, and to promote the critical thinking necessary for each of us to make good decisions about how to process and use that information.  We are free thinkers, not beholden to any one ideology, and we will always strive to offer non-biased analysis of the content we choose to publish and to hopefully help bridge the gap between the “Right” and the “Left”.

Critical to achieving our goal is to explain our view when it comes to the world we live in, that regardless of how many factions we divide ourselves into, we remain one society.  Even our name and logo reflect this belief.  Conservatives on the “Right”, view themselves as Independent of that society, and responsible for themselves.  On the “Left”, the Liberals tend to think more of society as a whole, where people are interconnected and success is best achieved when we are taking care of each other.  With those stereotypes in mind, we give you inDEPENDENTcy, where everyone is welcome, from inDEPENDENT Conservatives, to Liberals that believe in our DEPENDENTcy, because our beliefs are that everyone’s personal views are worthwhile, Tribalism and “group think” have greatly contributed to the situation we wall find ourselves in, and above all, we recognize that we’re all in this together, DEPENDENT on one another in many ways as we independently navigate our own paths through life.


“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

                                                                                                        Daniel Patrick Moynihan