Minimum Wage: Part 3, War Is Upon Us

If you consider yourself a decent human being, and someone worthy of calling themselves an American, please take note of the following article.  It is the transcript of a 36 Hour “debate” between me and a group of die hard Conservatives and Libertarians.
I think it will provide you with a genuine insight into the critical importance of voting and doing everything within your power to prevent this cancerous way of thinking from overtaking our country any more than it already has, whether it is from the wealthy left, the wealthy right, or the generally self absorbed and clueless members of our society.

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Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration

In response to my original article on the reasons for raising the Federal Minimum Wage, I received the following comment from someone on a Conservative blog that I had shared the article on.  While the statistics quoted I do not think are accurate, they do raise a point that maybe should be addressed. Continue reading “Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration”

Deporting Illegal Immigrants: Trump vs Obama

Much is being made of the deportation policies of the Trump Administration, with much of the TV news showing example of many people suddenly being deported after having been here for decades, families ripped apart, and a lot of people that have had no run ins with the law whatsoever, even business owners, people married to US Citizens, and people that may be here illegally, but are paying taxes and are productive members of society and the communities they live in…all being deported suddenly under the “crackdown and tough policies of President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security”.  Conservatives and Trump supporters by and large cheer the actions, saying it is about time.  Liberals will scream about how unfair all of this is, and how we are a nation of immigrants.  Who’s right? Continue reading “Deporting Illegal Immigrants: Trump vs Obama”

Open Letter To All People Who Think Wanting More Than $7.25/Hour is “Greedy”

So, I woke up this morning, and as I was starting to work, I took some time to check Facebook, and came across a debate about minimum wage in the United States. Some of the comments people were making just flat pissed me off, so I did what I have a tendancy to do and gave a dissertation on why they were all fools. Well, I am still irritated by the whole thing, so I decided to repost what I said here as well…figuring I might as well yell around about it to everone who will listen…lol.

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People taking action to FORCE necessary change is the very definition of “Making America Great Again”

I was not aware of this story as it was developing, but have been amazed at what one person, supported by those around them, can do to impact the world we live win in a VERY positive way.  Frequently, the basis of my rants and raves these days is regarding the absurdity of the things going on within the world of politics or business, but the more important message is that all of these issues effect real people, in very dramatic ways.  I am assuming like me, most of you can easily lose site of that as you form your opinions about this or that issue, but this is a story you should all hear about because it is truly a sign of everything that is good. Continue reading “People taking action to FORCE necessary change is the very definition of “Making America Great Again””

Why isn’t anyone talking about this as a solution to the North Korean problem?


PAC-3 – Patriot Missile Defense System in Action (Photo Credit:  Business Insider, 8-23-16)

With so much talk about the threat posed by North Korea to the United States and our allies, like South Korea and Japan, combined with the news that we are currently moving a carrier group led by the Carl Vinson back toward the Korean Peninsula, and seemingly weekly missile launches by North Korea, it certainly seems like this threat needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Why isn’t anyone talking about this as a solution to the North Korean problem?”