Covid-19 UPDATE: Corporate Bailouts and Food Pantries

Written By:  Arnie Olsen

Back on March 22nd, I published an article breaking down what a corporate bailout would mean for the 4 largest airlines in America.  Since that time, the CARES Act has gone from first being introduced in the Senate on March 19th, through very public negotiations and eventually to being signed into law by the President on March 27th.  Now, 19 days after I published my original article, I thought it would be useful to provide an update.

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Business Planning in the Age of Covid-19

Written By:  Arnie J Olsen

There is little that is more stressful for a small business owner than entering a period of time where revenue is dramatically decreased or even cut off completely, but in the face of these extraordinary times, there are some decisions you can make that could mean the difference between surviving and losing your business.

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Why Loans Will Not Help Small Businesses During Covid-19

Written by Arnie J Olsen

All of the talk about providing loans to businesses to help them get through the Covid-19 crisis is totally missing the point, and shows how out of touch Washington is with the actual needs and daily lives of small business owners.  Loans do not help when all they do is cover the expenses accrued during a period of lost revenue that will never be regained.

It is literally like agreeing to make payments on a car loan but never getting to drive the car…why would anyone agree to do that?

Realistically, as soon as you accept that you are stuck walking either way, you will quickly see that (as a business owner) you are better off just walking away, rather than take on those payments.

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PAUSE: A Real Plan To Survive AND Thrive Economically During Covid-19

We need a different plan to deal with the economic situation created by Covid-19, and this is it.

Written By:  Arnie J. Olsen

Well, nothing like a global pandemic to show just how unprepared our country is to deal with a real crisis, and at the same time show how truly unoriginal the Federal government is when it comes to ideas about what comes next.  Basically, the knee jerk reaction is to spend money, and depending on which party you talk to, you see plans to help one segment of our society or another.  While spending is not necessarily wrong (though the partisan preference are), there is no amount of spending that will make this go away, nor even make the effects of the situation any less lasting and harmful to the economy at all levels.  To do that takes something much more creative, so take a deep breath, slow things down, and let’s make some rational decisions that get right to the heart of the matter.  We need a plan that helps everyone, from top to bottom, big businesses to the minimum wage worker, and we need to not bankrupt the country in the process, yet the current plans being discussed could cost the country $1.25 trillion PER MONTH!

We need to PAUSE!

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Trump/GOP Tax Plan Is A Disaster!

Proposed Trump/GOP Tax Reform WILL NOT WORK

Whether you look at the details of Donald Trump’s proposal, or decide Paul Ryan and others have the better version, they are ultimately all based on the same premise, and it is simply wrong in every way. This is not just my opinion, but also the opinion of most every leading economist (Conservative and Liberal), and most importantly, their proposals are not new ideas.  In fact, they have been tried many times previously, most famously, by Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.  I am not criticizing Reagan for his overall performance as our leader, however, history and all the factual data show that his economic policies were abstract failures, and we must NOT repeat them.  Our economy simply cannot withstand this, and all the progress we have made since the financial disaster of 2008 will be lost, and then some.

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Minimum Wage: Part 3, War Is Upon Us

If you consider yourself a decent human being, and someone worthy of calling themselves an American, please take note of the following article.  It is the transcript of a 36 Hour “debate” between me and a group of die hard Conservatives and Libertarians.
I think it will provide you with a genuine insight into the critical importance of voting and doing everything within your power to prevent this cancerous way of thinking from overtaking our country any more than it already has, whether it is from the wealthy left, the wealthy right, or the generally self absorbed and clueless members of our society.

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Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration

In response to my original article on the reasons for raising the Federal Minimum Wage, I received the following comment from someone on a Conservative blog that I had shared the article on.  While the statistics quoted I do not think are accurate, they do raise a point that maybe should be addressed. Continue reading “Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration”