PAUSE: A Real Plan To Survive AND Thrive Economically During Covid-19

We need a different plan to deal with the economic situation created by Covid-19, and this is it.

Written By:  Arnie J. Olsen

Well, nothing like a global pandemic to show just how unprepared our country is to deal with a real crisis, and at the same time show how truly unoriginal the Federal government is when it comes to ideas about what comes next.  Basically, the knee jerk reaction is to spend money, and depending on which party you talk to, you see plans to help one segment of our society or another.  While spending is not necessarily wrong (though the partisan preference are), there is no amount of spending that will make this go away, nor even make the effects of the situation any less lasting and harmful to the economy at all levels.  To do that takes something much more creative, so take a deep breath, slow things down, and let’s make some rational decisions that get right to the heart of the matter.  We need a plan that helps everyone, from top to bottom, big businesses to the minimum wage worker, and we need to not bankrupt the country in the process, yet the current plans being discussed could cost the country $1.25 trillion PER MONTH!

We need to PAUSE!

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2020: The Healthcare Debate

Healthcare is going to be most likely the most important issue of the upcoming campaigns for President and every other federal office we are going to be asked to vote on.  In a recent Fox News Poll that was released on January 26, a couple of interesting results included:

  • How approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling healthcare?

38% – Approve               54% – Disapprove             7% – Don’t Know

  • Which of the following issues do you think is the MOST important issue facing the country today?
    1. Health care                                                  13%
    2. Partisanship and lack of unity                13%
    3. Climate change                                           12%
    4. The economy and jobs                              12%
    5. Political corruption                                    12%
    6. Immigration and border security           10%
    7. Terrorism                                                       7%
    8. Gun policy                                                      6%
    9. Foreign policy                                                3%
    10. International trade                                       1%

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The Three Pillars of a Moral, Ethical and Effective Government (and life)

Written By:  Arnie J. Olsen  10/29/19

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Minimum Wage: Part 3, War Is Upon Us

If you consider yourself a decent human being, and someone worthy of calling themselves an American, please take note of the following article.  It is the transcript of a 36 Hour “debate” between me and a group of die hard Conservatives and Libertarians.
I think it will provide you with a genuine insight into the critical importance of voting and doing everything within your power to prevent this cancerous way of thinking from overtaking our country any more than it already has, whether it is from the wealthy left, the wealthy right, or the generally self absorbed and clueless members of our society.

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People taking action to FORCE necessary change is the very definition of “Making America Great Again”

I was not aware of this story as it was developing, but have been amazed at what one person, supported by those around them, can do to impact the world we live win in a VERY positive way.  Frequently, the basis of my rants and raves these days is regarding the absurdity of the things going on within the world of politics or business, but the more important message is that all of these issues effect real people, in very dramatic ways.  I am assuming like me, most of you can easily lose site of that as you form your opinions about this or that issue, but this is a story you should all hear about because it is truly a sign of everything that is good. Continue reading “People taking action to FORCE necessary change is the very definition of “Making America Great Again””