The Immigrant “Invasion”

The politics of immigration and what you need to know before the midterms.

The mid-term election is 5 days away, and one of the hot button issues is immigration with nothing being more of a symbol of this than “the caravan” (or depending on your political leanings, you may know it as the “the invasion force”).

When you are thinking about who to vote for, I would just like for people to use the common sense they were born with, the values they were hopefully raised with, and cast their vote in whatever way serves their own best interests, and the best interests of America. To do this, it does require a little thinking, because voting based on emotions, internal reactions, fear, or what you heard in a few soundbites on your news program of choice, while much easier, rarely leads to a good result for you or any of us.

So, with that in mind, let’s go back to “the caravan” for a moment…

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Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration

In response to my original article on the reasons for raising the Federal Minimum Wage, I received the following comment from someone on a Conservative blog that I had shared the article on.  While the statistics quoted I do not think are accurate, they do raise a point that maybe should be addressed. Continue reading “Higher Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration”

Why isn’t anyone talking about this as a solution to the North Korean problem?


PAC-3 – Patriot Missile Defense System in Action (Photo Credit:  Business Insider, 8-23-16)

With so much talk about the threat posed by North Korea to the United States and our allies, like South Korea and Japan, combined with the news that we are currently moving a carrier group led by the Carl Vinson back toward the Korean Peninsula, and seemingly weekly missile launches by North Korea, it certainly seems like this threat needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Why isn’t anyone talking about this as a solution to the North Korean problem?”